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Transfer Paper

ATI manufactures the finest papers for laser transfers in the market

Our papers are designed for a multitude of substrates you need to transfer onto with our sublimation toners. You can transfer onto leather, Vinyl, Metal, Acrylic, paper napkins, glass, wood, ceramics, for light and dark colors.

We have also designed transfer coatings to be applied to the transfer image on the paper. This is a safe way to protect your printer from getting any residue on its fuser rollers.

These coatings are good for transferring onto light colored 50/50 and cotton shirts.
We also have a coating for DARK colored cotton shirts to be used with our Opaque white toner.

Transfer Papers and Applications:

NEW SOFT COATING for light and dark cotton shirts.

We will refund your money if you are not satisfied. That is how great a product this is.

  • Yes you can sublimate onto cotton and 50/50 Tee shirts with Soft Coating.
  • Yes you can also use this product with OEM toner for laser printers or copiers without damaging them.
  • Yes it doesn’t stain outside of the print area of the shirt.
  • Yes you cannot feel the transfer on the shirt.
  • Yes the sublimation toner on 50/50 and cotton has bright colors and holds them up when washed.
  • Yes the sublimation toners don’t migrate before or after washing.
  • Yes it is inexpensive per transfer.

ATI developed this SOFT COATING to be applied with their white toner on dark cotton fabrics. One of our Beta testing distributors tried it on light colored shirts and was overwhelmed with the performance of the product. We then took it a further step and tested it onto cotton light colored shirts and were equally satisfied.

This coating can be applied to ATI, s release paper after printed. You may print from a color laser copier or laser printer without damaging the equipment. This is a major advantage for those who can’t get transfer papers to work in their equipment.
We have noticed that the colors from the OEM toners are not as vibrant as is the Sublimation toner.


  1. Run the ATI Release paper through your laser equipment at the same paper weight settings you would use for printing normal bond paper.
  2. Pour a small ½ inch drop of the coating in the middle of the transfer and roll the coating over the complete area of the paper.
  3. Apply the transfer to your shirt and press it.
  4. For best results we suggest using sublimation toner. You should press for 375 f for 40 seconds with heavy pressure and then peel hot.
  5. It is always a good practice when transferring sublimation dyes to put a Teflon sheet inside the shirt and also over the transfer. This eliminates any blow through to the backside of the shirt and also protects the front of the shirt from any debris that may be on your heater platen.
  6. Those who have Automatic Air Presses will achieve the best results onto cotton and 50/50 fabrics as the heavy pressure will drive the dyes of the toner into the fabrics fibers.

Order your SOFT COATING with our ATI release paper for only $50.00. This offer is only one to a customer and is limited for the month of MAY 2007. This is a value of $70.00 for only $50.00.
Call now our TOLL FREE # 1-866-900-2830

The Sofftee paper is a paper for most laser printers that have fuser oil. It is used to transfer onto cotton and 50/50 shirts. This paper performs best with sublimation toner onto 50/50 shirts. It can be used with cotton and OEM toners.
The SOFFTEE paper can also be used as a prep sheet to sublimate ink jet transfers onto 50/50 shirts.

The Hottee paper has a 3/8 inch edge that must be trimmed before pressing onto the shirt.

Lay your shirt onto the heat press platen and put a Teflon sheet inside the shirt to prevent the sublimation dyes from blowing through to the backside of the shirt.
Set your heat press between 375 to 400 degrees F.
Lay a Teflon sheet over your transfer to protect the shirt from getting dirty and press for 40 seconds at heavy pressure.
Remove the transfer from the shirt by peeling it hot from the neck to the bottom of the shirt. Don,t pull up on the transfer when peeling as you will lift the shirt up and cool down the transfer to fast. Try to peel the transfer by pulling it horizontally to the platen.
While the shirt is still hot after you removed the transfer you can stretch the shirt sideways and this will give you transferred area a soft feel.

The Hottee paper was specifically engineered to run through the Oki printers without any fuser oil.
The lead edge of the Hottee paper has a 3/8 inch lead edge on the paper. This is to protect the coating from peeling off when the paper first enters the fuser rollers of the printer.
The Hottee paper is the same as the SOFFTEE paper with the exception of the lead edge strip. Its applications and instructions are both the same.

RELEASE paper:
The release paper was originally designed to transfer sublimation toner easier onto polyester fabrics and mouse pads. This paper doesn,t have any polymer coating on it as it is only to release the toners from the paper when pressing.
We use to use this years ago in production for the apparel industry and have decided to introduce it again for another unique purpose.
This paper will go through almost every laser printer I have seen without jamming at the fuser rollers.
We have a new coating called COTTON COAT and when that coating is rolled onto the Release paper after printed it can be pressed onto a cotton or 50/50 shirt that will produce a soft, washable and bright sublimation transfer.
The pressing instructions for this paper is the same as the HOTTEE and the SOFFTEE paper.

SubliLaser Paper:
The SubliLaser paper was designed for HARD substrates with sublimation toner. This paper is a hot peel paper and produces a finer resolution transfer then plain bond paper. This paper is used for all hard substrates only.
The transfer temperatures are at 400 f and the dwell times vary based on the specific substrate.

This paper is unique because it is easy to work with and has so many applications it can be used for.
You need to put this paper in the Multi purpose tray of the Oki printer with the Glossy side facing upward when printing onto it.
The paper weight setting should be set for transparency.
Transfer Instructions for Dark Shirts:
Press the dark cotton shirt for 10 seconds at 375 F.
Roll a light even coat of the DARK coating onto the area of the shirt to be transferred.
Position the transfer on the shirt and then lay Teflon over it.
Press the transfer for 20 seconds.
Allow the transfer to cool down a little and then remove the transfer.
Roll the Dark coating onto the printed area of the shirt, lay teflon on it and repress for 1 ½ mins.
Remove the Teflon while hot.

Pressing Instructions for hats.
You may either roll a Dark coating onto the transfer before pressing or you may tape the transfer to the hat and press for 40 seconds.
Remove transfer when cool.
You should have a bright glossy transfer on the hat.
If you don,t like it glossy you may repress it with a piece of Teflon covering the transfer and remove while hot.

Dark Vinyl pressing instructions:



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