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Company Profile

The owner and president of Automatic Transfer Inc., Alfred W. La Costa has been in the business of embellishing onto shirts for the past 20 plus years with  the digital transfer process. His first printer was a ribbon thermal printer known as the Shinko 335 using a transfer paper from Foto Wear Inc.

When the CLC Canon color copiers were first introduced he developed a special process using a RELEASE transfer paper,and a special coating he developed to be applied to the paper after printed. He also developed and manufactured a Hydraulic heat press that had 95 psi that pressed the transfer onto the shirts. The process had such a soft hand without staining the perimeter of the printed area that the designers in the N.Y. Garment district contracted their T-Shirt printing to his company over screen printing. They were most impressed with the quality of the product but also the variety of designs in full color that could be done without any set up time lost and any quantity they needed for just in time shipping to their accounts. The company employed 25 personnel in a 7,000 square ft. bldg with 3 color copiers that cost $40,000.00 each and only 2 of the Hydraulic heat presses he manufactured. Mr. La Costa was producing between 40 to 80,000 shirts per month with this process to all of the major stores in the country.

Through this experience he was intrigued with the toners that various manufactures used in their copiers and when the opportunity arrived he purchased a small toner facility and began manufacturing sublimation toners in 2001.

Mr. La Costa bought the 11,000 Sq. Ft. building in Alpha, New Jersey that ATI now resides in and closed the plant in Mass. as it was less expensive to outsource his toner to a larger manufacture. ATI and Mr. La Costa continue to distribute and developed their products and have 2 patent pending products within the last year. The one is the HOTTEE transfer paper and the other soon to be released for market is a white toner and paper to transfer onto dark shirts with the color laser printers.

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